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You could use a gloss, but you may have to be extra careful about not smudging the marker.)While the paint cured I spent some time studying ginger jars - what motifs/designs/patterns are common? Tip: Try to keep your pencil lines to just map out the basic shapes of the design (not the intricate designs), because you don’t want to be erasing a ton later (it takes time to do all that erasing and you have to be careful about streaking the marker ink.)Then I used my blue Sharpie to draw on the main shapes of the design, drawing the same thing on each side. Repeat the same design around your lamp, but if things are slightly crooked or different I think it is actually the look - more like an antique that would have been made by hand, and less like it is mass produced.…if you’re working with a lamp with rounded sides it may be harder to create symmetrical designs, so maybe plan something that is more curving and unsymmetrical - like vines, trees, dragons, etc.

After the main shapes were on the vase I just kept adding layers of design (while the kids napped and I was watching a good chick flick).

Cobalt blue grasscloth is modulated by the high white wainscotting, beadbord ceiling, and sisal rug.

"Great Gatherings: Showhouse Dinner with International Flair" written by Krissa Ross Beach house bedroom with a bit of verve.

They do not use patterns to paint the designs, Sky 29" H Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade Lovely table lamp boasting harmonious coloring scheme, with bulky base in light blue that resembles clear sky, and white empire shade.

The design is pretty classic and it will blend with many types of decors."Blue-and-white also brings Chinese decoration into play .

Anyway, you may be thinking, “I can see what is classic about these GORGEOUS pieces, but what in the world is fresh? ), here are some of my other favorite updated takes on these two classic forms.

” And I would have to answer you as follows (just a couple of examples, because this idea has been blogged about umpteen times already): From My Domaine " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / blue and white ceramics can be very fresh indeed when incorporated into rooms that already boast myriad modern and transitional elements and colors. Lamps, which so often make use of these shapes, are included as well.

Something like this: Or this: Next, you’ll want to clean it up really well. Finish up with a bit of rubbing alcohol to really get the grease off. It’s actually kind of a neat, crackly-aged look, but it was totally a mistake. The only difference is how easy or difficult it is to use.

In fact, I made these white “ginger jars” about 5 years ago. If you think you’d like to make some white ginger jar type things of your own, here’s all your need to do!

The thing is though, they remain two of my absolute favorite decor items in my living room, along with my over-sized black and white photos, to this day. First, visit your local thrift store and keep your eyes open for something with a great shape, but really tired and outdated colors and patterns. Separate your lid and your jar and place them on some newspaper or an old box or something outside.

Hell, a home is expensive and takes long enough to furnish it the first time; I don’t feel like paying to redo it until my kids have graduated college. So when you can Chinese blue and white ware has been around since the 14th century, with the Europeans getting into the copycat game as early as the 16th century. I’ll tell you more about these particular vases now, but read to the end to get the full roundup of some more really great options and a As soon as I saw these stunners, I knew they were the ones I wanted. Her lines are traditional and her colors are painterly pop. Handcrafted by the 4th generation, family-run business of Talavera Vazquez in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico. Zig-Zag Tibor gourd vases or ginger jars, but they were just too beautiful to exclude.

If you have the money to buy the below pieces (17th c.), would you please get them for me? Color quality is HUGE for me, and I swear, the glaze and depth of hue is just as deep and beautiful in person as it is in the publicity shots. The perfect balance of “tradition-with-a-twist,” they keep my library from feeling a little too steeped in history. Believe me, at 6 (for the vase), these are a steal. If you aren’t convinced that Abigail’s options are the choice for you (read to the end for that extra incentive! Again, she has a rainbow of hues and ginger jar lamps, too, but here are a few of her white and blues. Variations are sign of each piece’s individuality and the human hands that made it.