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As it's still Europe, it should not be that different. Norway is very different from France in so many ways that I stopped count after 2 weeks.

Emotional effects of dating

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For those living with cancer, changes that affect roles and relationships in your daily life may be especially challenging.

Cancer treatment can cause a change in energy level. If you find that cancer and concerns about your life become overwhelming, find a way to talk with people in your life.

People rarely talk about emotional side of scoliosis.

And if we’re not met with it, we often go for a joyride in our head. It’s an entirely different thing to tackle the silence after being ghosted.

I myself was once ghosted by a guy who I thought had serious boyfriend potential (our pre-ghosting date lasted seven hours and he kept talking about our future…yep, it was like that), and I’ll never forget the hollow pit in my stomach when I realized I was never going to see him, or hear from him, again.

“The scars on my body are nothing compared to the emotional scars that scoliosis has left on me,” says patient Leah L.

The emotional effects of scoliosis can include: Connecting with other kids can be hard when your spinal curves set you apart.