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She has tried employment cases involving allegations of discrimination, harassment and wrongful discharge. Doolittle also has extensive experience trying criminal cases, from street crimes to white collar crimes. Doolittle is often engaged in the weeks or months before trial, specifically to act as trial counsel. Doolittle brings special expertise to, and spends a significant amount of time, defending corporations, officers and directors in parallel civil and criminal matters, including under the federal securities laws, the False Claims Act, and the FCPA.
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Needless to say, we introduced students to Computer-Assisted Translation tools, Quality Assurance tools and Machine Translation software.The students were encouraged to use the translation technologies from the very beginning of their studies. EUROTRADUS is a translation agency in Lithuania that provides translation services from/to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian, as well as many other languages of the world.Julian dates are widely used as time variables within astronomical software.Typically, a 64-bit floating point (double precision) variable can represent an epoch expressed as a Julian date to about 1 millisecond precision.Julian dates (abbreviated JD) are simply a continuous count of days and fractions since noon Universal Time on January 1, 4713 BC (on the Julian calendar).Almost 2.5 million days have transpired since this date.Math Works Machine Translation The automated translation of this page is provided by a general purpose third party translator tool.

In this way, all dates within 50 years around the current date are converted correctly without additional programming effort.Here are some examples how to use REXX built-in functions to solve usual date calculation and conversion problems: /* get today's date in 'Base' date format, e.g.'729584' */ today = Date('Base') /* calculate next day; returns '729585' */ tomorrow = today 1 /* calculate previous day; returns '729583' */ yesterday = today - 1 By means of the translate function, a date format (assuming 'Standard' date format) can be easily transformed (by reordering the digits and inserting or removing separation characters) into any format desired with a single REXX statement: /* ISO Standard date format without separator characters */ my ISOdate = '19430715' /* returns '' */ date1 = Translate('', my ISOdate, '12345678') /* returns '07/15/1943' */ date2 = Translate('56/78/1234', my ISOdate, '12345678') /* returns '15/07/1943' */ date3 = Translate('78/56/1234', my ISOdate, '12345678') date1 = '' /* returns '19430715' */ my ISOdate = Translate('78904512', date1, '1234567890') date2 = '07/15/1943' /* returns '19430715' */ my ISOdate = Translate('78901245', date2, '1234567890') /* ISO Standard date format with separator characters */ an ISOdate = '1943-07-15' /* returns ISO Standard date w/o separators '19430715' */ my ISOdate = Translate('12346790', an ISOdate, '1234567890') Another quite useful feature of REXX is the windowed handling of the 'deficient' short date formats currently causing so much trouble because of the Y2K.However, you can nest %SYSFUNC calls: Because %SYSFUNC is a macro function, you do not need to enclose character values in quotation marks as you do in DATA step functions.For example, the arguments to the OPEN function are enclosed in quotation marks when the function is used alone, but do not require quotation marks when used within %SYSFUNC.The importance of technologies in today’s translation business was emphasized.