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We Guerrilla breathin', we Guerrilla breeding It's the Dips, get the drift, This is Killa Season Watch him kill the season, Paid checks heavy It's King Jaffe-Jo get ya tape decks ready We Guerrilla breathin', Killa Season Feel the Evening, Killin' Season Watch him kill the season paid checks heavy It's Diplomat Records get ya tape decks ready [Cam'Ron] Say what cats did I hang with, slang with, bang bang with Blain gangsta ganked it left lane to the banquet Live from the borough where Rich Porter became Rich Purple Rain in the rain explains it, on that same spit To the day of a reign, I aim and flame for your lame The clips change, obtain bricks, exchange bricks Bricks exchanged, throw the kid some change Look homeboy, I ain't trying to get no names Must of sniffed cocaine, looking at my Diplo chain The biscuit turn you to bisquick mixed with shrimp lo mein Old ladies just stop and say "it's yo thang" Can't deny 'em, look down my wrist go bling Bling bling, listen in, come and get some cash First kiss my ring, ohh no, well kiss my ass Back in my zone homes, get ya mind right The 2-3 or 3-2, nah it's the twilight It's the highlights of my life Every gun, car, crib, chicken-head that I like Ten on the dope, ten that's beside knife Ten in the hood, ten that's besides night And they tied tight, my family ties tight Ten town, 200 bricks, forget 5 mics [Hook: J. Writer] You gotta feel the heathen, we guerrilla breathin' It's the Dips, get the drift, this is Killa Season Watch him kill the season, paid checks heavy It's King Jaffe-Jo get ya tape decks ready You gotta feel the heathen, we guerrilla breathin' It's the Dips, get the drift, this is Killa Season Watch him kill the season, paid checks heavy It's King Jaffe-Jo get ya tape decks ready [Cam'Ron] That's 1 and out, let's go, let's keep it moving. I mean Hell Rell you ain't say nothing that song Let's go, Let's go.

He was just shooting a uzi, now he shooting a movie And all his mans starting to act like groupies I slow flowed y'all to death These hustlers acting like my flow hard to catch Man Diplomats we the strongest force On or off the court we ball and ball the sport [Hook: J. Writer] It's kinda hard to doubt that we ain't a slaughterhouse Dip radio you're now tuned in to the Hardest Out Slash the first to ride, you ain't never heard of fly Take it how you want it coward our G's is certified [Hell Rell] Sleepin' high with visions of my enemies Beggin' for mercy crawling on the floor like a centipede Screaming Rell please don't shoot me I got children Should've thought about those snotty nose kids when you was snitching But now I'm on a mission, yeah fresh out the kitchen A stand up dude who only sit when he shhh You sit when you pissing, dude listen My talent was God-given, got wise by hard living I Sleep all day, smoke haze, ménage women I spit these hard rhythms it feel like a car hit 'em So leave that boy a lone can't you see he in the zone Dudes try to be like 'em can't you see he getting cloned All this blue and this yellow can't you see it in the stones And yeah we brought them hammers Cam we never leave 'em alone So move back, I'm poppin off the 4 Heaven let me in because I'm knocking on ya door It's Prada on my whores And nah I don't really do to many funerals, but I gotta go to yours I gotta see the face of a coward Please man let the homie breathe give me a taste of the power My chain hate my watch, my watch hate my ring My jewelry going crazy, gotta get some new bling So all praise is due to Hell Rell it's the new religion Smack ya girl pop 2 in her True Religions [Hook x2] [Cam'Ron] That's 2 and out.

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[Cam'Ron] New York City, you are now tuned in to America's # 1 station, Hot 97 In conjunction with America's # 1 DJ, Funkmaster Flex In collaboration with America's, pardon me, #1 independent rap label Dipset And right now I'm accompanied by greatness Uhh-huh My man Hell Rell's in the building, BX borough. They told us not to stay at Def Jam, we eatin' over there You was right, put work on they block.

I'm bout to talk my deal, that's what a thug about Killa, hit Sharon, tell her I need another house! We chorused it out That means the business is right The rhymes is right and if you come up here and try freestyle a song You're bitin (you swagger jackin) I mean you did a solo song Hell Rell right That means you repped BX Borough, you repped the Dominicans I'm 140 and Lennox to the death So we might as well do something together Capo get ready to take the motherfu..Capo take the Maserati up to 200, we goin in, lets go Tape this for Santana when he get back Let's get 16's off, I got the chorus on this, y'all back up Let's go, I got the chorus You ready, New York City we run the motherfuckin building, pardon me Take it, take it back B I messed up because I'm talking too much Take it from the top.

Step #1: Planting the Seed Newton went out of his way to avoid creating headlines in the GQ article by refusing to comment on issues such as Donald Trump and the controversial North Carolina transgender bathroom law.

They don't look bad, though, coming in at 720x540, 2000k. I checked out a bunch of them and from what I saw, all the videos that didn't offer HD also didn't offer streaming.

Lots of HD and 4K Videos They started producing HD content throughout the network many years ago and I would say about two-thirds of the collection is offering 720p and 1080p files (along with lower resolutions).

For the last 2-3 years they've also been making a 4K option available.

The network consists of over 40 sites, including the likes of Ass Masterpiece, My Friend's Hot Mom and My First Sex Teacher.

There's also Naughty America VR that provides great virtual reality porn and lets you experience it while also having the rest of the network at your disposal.